Both in my personal and professional life I never miss an opportunity to try something new and challenging. With this spirit in mind I joined ES Elektro one year ago. The great team I have found here helped me accommodate very fast. Even though I have been working here for a short period of time, it feels like a longer period of time.

I work as a Sales Support Engineer and I truly appreciate the diversity of the customers and the tasks I handle every day. I consider myself very lucky to have a job that perfectly suits my personality. To be part of an organization that focuses on continuous development contributes to my daily motivation. Here, at ES Elektro, you will find an inspiring and a rewarding environment.

Iona Casut

My first contact with ES Elektro was in January 2008 when I had an interview with Rolf de Graaf in one of the most popular cafes in Cluj. That was a bit strange, since these interviews normally take place at the office. This was one of the reasons that convinced me that ES Elektro is a company that dares to do things differently.

I started at ES Elektro as a sales employee. After a few years I was given the opportunity and challenge to start a new department in Romania: industrial automation. Since 2011 I am a product specialist in the industrial automation department and I offer technical support, consultancy and training courses to our partners.

Every day you learn something new. In this job you have to keep up with technology because every day you get different questions from the customers and colleagues. Giving training courses and having contact with a lot of people is interesting and you can learn a lot of things.

Working at ES Elektro is a real pleasure, the people are very professional and serious but at the same time they are open and friendly. Another advantage is the possibility to develop both personally and professionally. In the end we are an added value for our partners and in this company we learn to be proactive and open minded. I am very happy to be part of this family!

Silviu Laslau

My story at ES Elektro started several years ago, in March 2009. It all started when I heard about a vacancy from a very close friend who was already working at ES Elektro. When I started in a sales support role at ES Elektro, the company was still in the starting phase. As a result of this, a lot of new things crossed our paths and I learned a lot. I am proud that I contributed to the development of the company within the branch so far and I hope that I can continue to contribute for many years.

Our young sales team is very united, dedicated, professional and very involved both internally and especially in the relationship with customers.

ES Elektro is very well organized, offering all employees opportunities for both personal and professional development to grow towards a higher position. Personal initiative is appreciated.

All the operational divisions of the group share the same desire, which is supporting the customers and making it easier for them to carry out their business. If our client is successful, we have done our job!

Mihai Kast

My career at ES Elektro began in my first year of faculty in 2018 with an internship program of three months. After the internship I was given the opportunity to stay at the company at the connected business department. I could say that my first “real job” was at ES Elektro.

As an intern I started in the Warehouse were I learned the in- and outbound processes. At the connected business department I started interacting with customers and learned how to manage different  situations. I have been in this department for two years now and my role in preventing and solving logistics problems for customers has improved ever since.

Working at ES Elektro added a new set of competences to my personal development. I improved my listening skills and came to a better understanding of the customers needs. ES Elektro gave me the opportunity to develop myself professionally with participating in a Lean Six Sigma training. Through this training my mindset changed. Now I always look at continuously improving processes.

The main advantages of working for ES Elektro is the professionalism, the variety in work and the team itself. They are always positive and ready to help you. Working in this kind of environment contributes to the improvement of personal development.

Nicolae Bunea

I started working at ES Elektro in February 2017 after a previous experience in customer service  in the United Kingdom at a multinational company. I was recruited for ES Elektro as replacement for a maternity leave, but eventually got a permanent job and stayed.

Working for ES Elektro has helped me broaden my experience in logistics and purchase and moreover has  helped me develop my communication skills.

|I like working at ES Elektro because of its pleasant working environment and the great colleagues. I am glad that the company is still growing and developing in its field. As employees this gives us great opportunities.  

Maria Roman