About ES Elektro
We let others be successful; Making you succeed! We are an international group of companies consisting of five organizations. Together we stand for many years of experience, which enables us to give technical support to our customers in the industrial markets. We help along end users, machine manufacturers, module builders as well as technical installers, with a wide range of electrical and mechanical products and solutions.

We offer versatile support
Now that innovation changes our world by the day, our customers are looking for new ways. Some of them reinvent themselves, others increasingly become specialists. What it all boils down to is that every company likes to stay in front and therefore we help our customers to be and stay successful. As a distributor we unburden them by supplying a complete package. In addition to supplying the correct products in the right time, for the correct price and at the right quality, we also support our customers with our in-depth technical know-how. Our consultants in industrial automation, lighting and connected business are always eager to look for the best solutions for our customers!

All the freedom you need
Add all of that up and you can confidently state that ES Elektro offers special solutions for every unique situation, aimed at the success of our customers whom we help with conviction, experience and quality. Meanwhile we employ 550 colleagues, spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Romania and Spain. When you come to strengthen us, then you should be aware that you join a family business with a corporate culture in which together we aim for the best. Giving you all the freedom you need to exploit your talents and all the freedom you need to work on the success of our customers. Will you come and help us build?

itsme ES Elektro culture
At itsme we move fast, for our customers as well as for ourselves. We never stop searching for new solutions to serve the market in the best way possible. We closely follow developments and keep up our level of know-how in order to quickly decide  where and how we can service our customers as best we can. For us, consultative selling is more than just selling something. Instead, we add value, we are customer-focused and we are pro-active.

Together for the best
Moreover, the success of our customers is something we mainly achieve together. You will notice this from the first day you work for us. We are a family business and we deal with each other informally. People feel at home here and many of them have worked for us already for years. They appreciate the freedom of initiative – and they show it. Together we go for a joint result. And that works. For you, your colleagues and our customers.

Pleasantly pragmatic
Technology creates opportunities. Especially now, in a time when the impact of innovation is noticeable everywhere. Our customers are aware of that. They undertake action that leads us to notice that the customer’s general knowledge is higher than ever. For us, the challenge remains to respond quicker and more accurately to the demand by way of our know-how. That is a challenging task, especially if the solution is not immediately apparent. In fact, it is then that we distinguish ourselves. It is then that our customers put their trust  in our specialist know-how and that they experience the power of a pragmatic approach. Because finally, that, too, is itsme. We’d rather just  get started so that our customers can proceed quickly.

You want to make the most of your talents. That’s logical. Therefore ES Elektro gives you the freedom to show yourself through turning initiative into results. It starts with our extensive programme for onboarding which is aimed at giving you a flawless start. Even if the programme includes much more than just an induction period. Think of it as your personal foundation that will make you feel at home with us in no time.  

Grow further
At ES Elektro, onboarding is spread over several days. You will hear colleagues tell our story, you will meet other new colleagues and will gain more insight into our organization. In your first year with ES Elektro we offer you an online platform where you can take your pick from among different e-learnings. Together with your supervisor you can decide which ones to follow, so that you can work very deliberately on your skills. As a result you will constantly grow, both on a personal and on a business level.